A Children's Book and Research Paper on the Human Hunger Hormone

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate
Other, Biology, Chemistry
Chemistry, History/Philosophy of Science, Graphical Visualization, Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry
Project description

Nathan's project consisted of publishing both a children's science book on appetite and writing a more formal research paper on hypothalamic regulation of appetite. Over the course of both projects, he researched several biochemical/neurochemical pathways in mammals responsible for maintaining a healthy body weight and controlled metabolism. Nathan also researched future applications of medicine including genetic recombination, which includes mass producing desired genes in quickly proliferating cells such as bacteria. He was able to learn the mechanics of the Amazon publishing system as well as valuable research and communication skills.

A Children's Book and Research Paper on the Human Hunger Hormone
Project outcome

Nathan self-published a children's book and research paper, the latter of which he is also planning on publishing.

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Student background

Nathan is a high school senior from Pearland, TX.

Student review

The most unique aspect of this program is that Polygence is tailored and custom made for you. You lead what you want to do, so it's not like a typical classroom curriculum where a teacher gives you an assignment and a goal, which you then study for and are tested on. What occurs in the typical classroom is almost the reverse of Polygence. During this research program, I was really able to lead the discussion.

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