The Link Between Schizophrenia and Neuroplasticity

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate
Neuroscience, Biology
Neuroscience, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Biology
Project description

Isha came to Polygence already with a serious interest in neuroscience. She had started a non-profit earlier in her high school years, dedicated to teaching middle school students basketball based on neuroscientific principles. She came to Polygence hoping to hone her interest in a more academic manner. With the support of her mentor, Isha dedicated her Polygence project to writing a research paper. The precise topic wasn't clear from the start, but as they continued to read the scientific literature she honed in on the connection between Schizophrenia and Neuroplasticity.

high-school research neuroscience neuroplasticity
Project outcome

Isha's paper was accepted and published in the Youth Medical Journal!

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Student review

Stephen was extremely helpful throughout the 10 sessions and consistently provided really good feedback. Now, I can look through a research paper without even having to read it all. I can see just the parts that are going to be of most value to me.

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