Bug People Clothes Collection

MFA Master of Fine Arts
Fine Arts, Fashion
Fashion history, fashion design, art history, costume design for stage and film, French language & culture, German language & culture
Project description

Lilah worked on designing and sketching a twelve look spring/summer clothes collection. The inspiration behind this project was to create looks that suggested a human-bug hybrid. She started the project by brainstorming, researching, and drawing up 18 preliminary sketches. For the next step, she traced and rendered all of her final twelve looks. She used a mood board of references to build her silhouettes and color palate. Finally, she cleaned up all of her illustrations using photoshop and put the looks together into a cohesive lineup.

lilahs original design
Project outcome

Lilah created her very own fashion portfolio!

Student background

Lilah is an 18 year-old student from Berkeley, CA.

Student review

It was really great to have someone help me organize all of my thoughts. I also was able to learn a lot of great tricks for both rendering fabrics and using photoshop to get my desired look.

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