Engineering A PC Case

Mentor profile
BAE Systems, Mechanical Engineering Intern
WB Engineers + Consultants, Mechanical Engineering Intern
Project description

Daniel decided to channel his knowledge of small form factor PC cases in order to design a case that would provide sufficient cooling to his entire system. To do so, he artificially created all the parts of the case within Fusion 360, using methods that mechanical engineers used in their design process, along with the guidance and tips from his mentor David. After countless hours of work, the result was a sleek, functional, space-optimized PC case made out of sheet metal. With little doubt, his new case would be an optimal solution for anyone wanting to build a small yet powerful desktop PC.

case design
Project outcome

Daniel created a model for a PC case design.

Check out the PC case design here!
Student background

Daniel is an 11th-grader from Palo Alto, CA.

Student review

Thanks to this program, I was introduced to many important concepts and learned valuable skills that would be of great value in the future, especially as our technology advances ever further. My mentor was very helpful and easy to talk to, and they always responded to my messages and guided me every step of the way.

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