An Article Exploring Russia's Political Future

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate
History, Politics, Economics, Journalism, Film
Political Science
Project description

For generations, the Russian people have been forced to adapt to the suffering and injustice that they've been subjected to. Older generations did so by mainly prioritizing their survival above all instead of going head-to-toe with the government. But with the rise of a young generation, priorities shift and the thirst for freedom increases. Anna's article dives into these shifts, and she investigates the Russian youth's relationship with the law, police, and judicial system.

An Article Exploring Russia's Political Future
Project outcome

Anna's article was published by Redaction politics.

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Student background

Anna is a 16 year-old high school student from Moscow, Russia.

Student review

Amanda is extremely knowledgable about Russian studies and her field of expertise. Approachable and attentive, it is easy to have deep, thought-provoking conversations with her. Most of the success of my final project was because of the deep conversations that I had with her. After each session with Amanda, I felt that I learned something new. One of Amanda’s most valuable characteristics is that she is a true global citizen who is aware of the plights and triumphs of people all over the world. Overall, it was a pleasure working with Amanda!

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