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My mentor was not just an incredible scientist but also an incredible person! I was coming off of a canceled hospital internship due to COVID-19, feeling defeated and lost, but much research led me to Polygence. From the beginning, my mentor insisted on making sure that my project was something I would be proud of. As time went on, her support grew stronger, and I could rely on her for more than just project advice. The project was not without its struggles, but she never gave up on me (and my initial stubbornness). Her guidance was amazing, and I would not trade it for anything. I hope to continue reaching out to her! I can say that her guidance on improving my presentation skills and scientific knowledge was instrumental in my 1st Place school fair win. Because of her, I feel as though I have gained crucial scientific and basic skills that I will use throughout my life.

Miranda from Jacksonville, FL

My mentors was awesome and definitely one you want to have! She is smart, caring, and is very helpful in guiding your interests and needs. She is considerate of your other commitments and helps find a project that works for you!

Devan from Mountain View, CA

My mentor expertly mixed in-depth topic knowledge with friendliness and openness to make the Polygence experience simultaneously exciting and manageable.

Luke from San Marino, CA

My mentor was amazing and greatly advised me with my project. She went above and beyond to help me develop skills that I not only used in writing my review article but those that I will also use in my future endeavors. For example, she taught me how to research, how to write a review article, how to properly make biology diagrams, and many more assets that I will practice in my coming projects.

Tanvi from Santa Clara, CA

My mentor was fantastic , and I appreciate her constant support while completing my blog. Our communication was sound, and she was very flexible with scheduling our one-on-one sessions. She was always willing to answer any questions I had, and I loved getting to know her throughout our sessions. She provided me with materials that I used to complete my blog, and her depth of knowledge in human memory helped sharpen each post. Her feedback on my writing was always constructive, and I am proud of my completed work. With this project, I was able to dive into neuroscience, a field I hope to pursue. Working with her has made me more excited to continue with research in the future.

Brigid from Pearl River, NY

Throughout my Polygence experience, I have had an amazing time working with my mentor! He was very flexible throughout the project, giving me the freedom to find an interesting project to research and model. Moreover, he provided the structure and support to allow me to work through and complete a successful project. His balance of flexibility with structure allowed me to become experienced modelling a random walk pattern, learning to write by telling a story, and analyzing data thoroughly. Ultimately, following this experience, I feel much more in touch with the research and work which I always aspired to, and I am looking forward to continuing my research experience in the future. Working with him was both fun and insightful; he was an excellent mentor, and I was always looking forward to meeting with him and talking about our next step in the work. It was definitely a worthwhile experience, and I am very thankful for his wonderful guidance.

Adrian from San Diego, CA

Thank you so much to my mentor for all of his hard work! He's taught me more physics in ten short sessions than I've ever been able to learn in high school. While it has been a difficult path to get to where I am, I am grateful to have such a dedicated mentor alongside me

Ryan from Ladera Ranch, CA

My mentor was very helpful in guiding my research process and helped me to find the resources and skills I needed to complete an advanced project. He allowed me to choose the subject and the nature of the project and had detailed expertise on pretty much every topic we discussed, making it easy for me to determine what projects were interesting and plausible for me to do.

Joe from Milwaukee, WI

My mentor was incredibly supportive in my research and project selection journey. Based on our discussions, I left every session more informed about the topic I had selected, and was constantly inspired to keep learning more. He also provided really helpful resources throughout, which was super important to my process.

Ishaani from Cupertino, CA

I had an extremely fun time working with my mentor on my research paper, and I thank him for being so friendly, knowledgeable, and available during the whole process. Writing this research paper was an invaluable experience that I will surely take with me on my way to college, and I am excited to see how the skills I learned over the past few months translate to the next chapter of my life.

Vikram from Newport Beach, CA

My mentor was amazing, when I started I had no idea what I wanted to work on and he was excited to help me with anything I could think of. He taught me a lot of valuable techniques that you only get after working in college or in an engineering job which has helped a lot not only in this project. He also was extremely flexible with things such as meeting dates and times.

Keshav from San Jose, CA

Working with my mentor was an absolutely wonderful experience. He helped me learn coding in R and data science, then apply it to analyse data for my project, and finally complete my research paper, all within 3 months (8-9 sessions). Working with my mentor has been, by far, one of the best academic experience that I have ever had. He made understanding complex topics simple, the approach to writing long research papers natural and easy (as compared to strenuous and difficult), and learning -- FUN. With his insightful feedback, curated assignments, and extremely thorough knowledge eventually outdo my expectations for my Polygence project, and also gain more confidence with Data Science. He was very flexible with scheduling, very understanding when it came to my other commitments (like test prep, college app), and super easy to communicate with through and between my sessions. He also inspired me to spark personal growth and find more clarity with my career goals. He made sure that I achieved all my goals for my Polygence Project, and always gave me extra time post our general discussions to make sure that my Polygence learning experience could great as possible. I feel fortunate to have worked with him.

Arihant from Kolkata, India

This program is great because I am learning so much about a specific field in biology that I didn't know much about at the beginning of the program. My mentor has been very helpful to me by answering all my questions, giving me helpful information, and guiding me through formulating my first review paper. I have gained a deeper understanding about biology that I would never have known had I not done this program, and this knowledge will help me as I go on in life.

Meena from Cupertino, CA

My mentor was spectacular! As a fellow dancer, she was able to understand how much the topic of Dance Science meant to me, and was able to be on the same page as me. She guided and supported me throughout this whole journey and pointed me in the right direction when I got stuck. She was just as thrilled as I was when I successfully published my blog and continued to be engaged and dedicated to my project the whole time. I am so lucky to have this amazing person as my mentor!

Aria from Moraga, CA

My mentor was incredible. During my project, he enabled me to understand such a challenging subject very easily. Additionally, he has greatly helped me perfect my project and guided me through any mistakes I might have made. I've also received a very reasonable amount of homework/preparation which prepared me for every lesson. Lastly, he has responded to any concerns and questions that I've had very quickly. I have learned a lot from this project that will definitely assist me in the future. Thank you!


My mentor was amazing as he kept me motivated and inspired throughout the entire project. During each session, he would make sure to address all the most critical points of my project and assign a relevant and reasonable to-do list. He kept checking in and made sure we were adhering to our schedule, keeping the project focused and on time. His proficiency in R and data-science are also notable, and will be able to teach you great workflows, set-ups, and well organized, clean code.


Polygence has been a great experience for me! Going into the program with limited knowledge in the field of neuroscience, I was able to expand my understanding of different aspects of neuroscience that fascinated me. Over the course of the program, my mentor made sure that the topic of my paper was something I was personally interested in and wanted to pursue. Under my mentor's guidance, I was able to produce a project that I am proud of. Overall, Polygence has been a wonderful experience, and I would definitely recommend it!


Polygence has really helped me explore my interests and learn more about each field of study that I potentially want to study in college. My mentor has been a very helpful in making my sessions very productive and serious in terms of what we studied and has also made my overall experience enjoyable. She significantly helped me explore my interests and has also helped me uncover another field of study that I am also interested in. She was also very flexible in making changes to our assignments and session plans that are fit for me as we proceeded with learning content in order to make things more interesting and enjoyable.


I have loved the experience so far. My mentor has been very helpful in giving me the proper resources to understand the project as well as helping me understand the more complicated concepts during the sessions.

Mark from Walnut Creek, CA

My mentor was extremely helpful throughout the whole process, both during our 10 sessions and between them. She was very structured and organized and that helped me to better understand the topics we were covering. All the feedback and resources she gave me were super useful!


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